Party Tips

Book Halls or Function rooms early to avoid disappointment

Please refrain from giving the kids noise-making toys such as whistles or blowers, until after the entertainment, that would be most welcome.... It is incredibly hard (even with a microphone) to rise above the cacophony of noise!

Save time by having the food already on the plates or in food boxes (like McDonalds happy meals) for when it's time to eat. This way everyone has the same and should finish eating round about the same time.

A good idea is to supply name badges or stickers for the children as they arrive. It helps you and the entertainer if you can call them by their first name

Try tying some balloons to the door of the venue to let them know 'The party is here!' (It also helps me if I get lost!!)

Disruptive Children. Occasionally you will get a child that will not behave. If I spot a child that may become unruly I will normally ask an adult to sit them at the back. Remember you are paying me money to entertain your child on their special day.

Don't forget to make use of Krazy Kev's free party invitations. Click here

Get a big box or set aside an area for presents so when the children arrive you have somewhere to put the presents so they can be opened AFTER the party. This way you will know who brought what so your 'thank-you' letters can be sent accordingly. This also ensures nothing gets lost or broken. Keep a little cellotape to the side so birthday cards can be stuck to each present

Please arrange for a car parking space nearby for the magician. He will have heavy props and may need a few trips to his vehicle

Please feel free to put balloons on the walls but please, please don't blow up balloons and scatter them on the floor. The kids become over-excited and it could become a distraction from the show. There's always a few children who are scared of them and the more confident children will love bursting them

And finally.... If parents do stay, which I would love them too, please ask them not to talk through the show spoiling it for everyone.

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